Thursday, December 10, 2009

The sweetest thing

I appreciate that gushing about my students could be almost as vomit-inducing as new parents bleating about the cuteness of their own offspring, but I felt the need to share this with you. Below is a very impressive piece a third-grade (15 year old) girl - who shall of course remain anonymous - wrote in her homework jotter that I was marking today. It is to a boy in her class, whose name I have blanked out, just in case some very unlikely series of events occurs to bring this post to the attention of its protagonists. I have reproduced it complete with the mistakes, which I think only make it cuter. The only context that you need to know is that they are presumably going to different high schools at the end of the school year in March.

Do you know you makes me happy?
You talk with me everyday. Are you aware that your simle makes me glad? Are you aware that your gentle?
You sure not notice. Thank you.
12 years have passed since I come across you.
But I don't know of all you. So I'll try to know about you.
The rest of the 3 month.
I and you are more good friend.
And we'll do our best to study English.
I think you are goot at English.
******. May I talk with you?


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