Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Think I'm Padanoid

Just a quick post to let you know that my beloved ThinkPad T42 seems to be dying on me. I reckon it's a graphics issue - by turning the hardware acceleration right down I seem to have prevented it from freezing up every five minutes. However, I suspect it is on borrowed time now so my blog updates and other communications may become a little sporadic for a while. Should it die completely, I will remain tenuously connected to the internet by virtue of the my Archos and PS3, but these are less than ideal, having a total of zero keyboards between them.

I can't really complain; I was given this machine free-to-a-good-home two and a half years ago when its previous owner got a new system - cheers, Team Luxembourg. So it must be about five years old, and lord knows I've given it some heavy use.

I'm now writing on the Archos, the ThinkPad having crashed. I can confirm that it's a massive pain in the arse, so I'll keep it brief.

This weekend myself and a bunch of other Yamagata ALTs are going for a day and night of merrymaking, not in our backyards, but in Fukushima. I'm looking forward to notching up another prefecture. Actually, it's criminal that I haven't been sooner, as Fukushima City is only a little further away than Yamagata.


  1. You should have bought a mac.

  2. Yeah, you should have bought a Mac.... once you go Mac (a.k.a. the "new system" in the above post)....

  3. I have not bought a Mac. My new machine is a Lenovo G530 running Windows 7, and so far I'm very happy with it.